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Terms and Conditions of Trade

All prices stated within this website ( are stated in $NZ. The Buyer orders the Goods on the Terms and Conditions set out herein:

Price and Terms of Payment

TACT-MAT’s price for goods sold to a New Zealand client shall be exempt of GST. Until such times as TACT-MAT is required by law to register for GST collection.

TACT-MAT’s price for goods sold to an International client shall be exempt of GST.

Payment by the client of the total invoice shall be paid upon order of the goods via the shopping cart on our web site or via internet banking.

Delivery of Goods and/or Services

TACT-MAT shall provide the goods to the client as soon as is reasonably practicable after acceptance of the client’s order and receipt of payment.

Delivery of goods shall be deemed to have taken place when the client receives the goods or the client’s agent or any other person or carrier to whom TACT-MAT has been authorized by the client to retrieve such goods whether expressly or implied and whether in writing or orally.

Unless expressly agreed in writing between the parties as to the means of delivery of the goods, TACT-MAT may affect delivery in any manner TACT-MAT determines.

All references to proposed delivery dates made by TACT-MAT whether orally or in the sales Invoice or in any other form of communication are estimates only and TACT-MAT shall not be bound by such estimates. TACT-MAT shall take all reasonable steps to comply with such proposed delivery dates.

Return of Goods

Where the goods are of acceptable quality and otherwise comply with the other guarantees set out in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, the client may not return the goods supplied by TACT-MAT in accordance with the client’s order unless TACT-MAT expressly agrees in writing to a request from the client to accept the return of the goods and the client complies with all the terms and conditions (if any) that TACT-MAT may impose as prerequisite to accepting the return of the goods.

The client shall contact TACT-MAT immediately if the goods are damaged in transit. Provide photographic proof of damage and have the goods available for pick up and return, before another product can be dispatched.

Where a client changes his/her mind after the order is placed and a payment is made, to either change or relinquish the goods, the client is still required to pay for the goods. Placement of order and receipt of payment it deemed final.

See our return of goods page here.

Risk of Goods

The risk of the goods supplied by TACT-MAT to the client shall immediately pass to the client upon delivery of such goods to the client.

Tact Mat’s Liability

TACT-MAT shall not be liable to repair or replace defects in the goods that have occurred otherwise than through the normal and proper use of the goods by the client or have emerged otherwise.