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“The TACT-MAT is a simple but highly effective tool when it comes to tactical collaboration. It is both portable and durable, which means it travels with us wherever we go in the world.”

Colin Cooper

Chiefs Rugby Head Coach. 

Former Maori All Blacks Head Coach

“We get around the TACT-MAT daily. It is an invaluable tool for our players to gain clarity on the game plan”.

Willie Rickards

Taranaki Bulls Head Coach.
 New Zealand Under 20’s Assistant Coach

Chris Hanson

“The mats have arrived and I really like the product. The material used for the mat is great and the markers are excellent. The bag is an asset and now so much easier to travel with. It truly is a valuable tool”.

Chris Hanson

USA Eagles Team Manager

Matt Stone

“Honestly, could not do without it. The TACT-MAT is far superior to a whiteboard, the players can interact with the coach by moving ‘players’ around. I’ve found over the last couple of years, if you bring info learnt from the training field to the mat or vice versa the clarity and development are incredible. I have started using TACT-MAT to make videos and post to the team, due to time constraints at training. Super valuable coaching tool”.

Matt Stone

Taranaki Whio Womens Coach.
Spotswood United RFC Premier Coach

David Ormrod

“TACT-MAT has been the perfect tool to help develop our academy players tactical knowledge. Information often goes in one ear and out the other with younger players. The Tact-Mat allows coaches to question and challenge players on the pictures they are seeing. Having the ability to do this ensures the information being taught, sticks”.

David Ormrod

Taranaki Bulls Team Manager. 
New Zealand Sevens Team Manager


“We find that TACT-MAT creates a dynamic method for players to see the game from a different perspective, which helps accelerate their learning.”

Josh Sutcliffe 

Palo Alto, USA